The Summer of JavaScript

Day to day, I work on the modern Microsoft stack - .NET Core, MSSQL, Linux/Docker, and building out both cloud and security initiatives at my organization. I love my place on the backend side of things, and typically don’t stray far from that area.

Ever so occasionally, it’s necessary to dip my toes into JS to finish some light frontend work. Javascript doesn’t have a strong reputation on my team (to put it mildly) despite its popularity. I’m curious to find out whether that reputation is well-founded.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be immersing myself in the world of JS development, both frontend and backend. I’ve taken the time to update my newsfeeds to include information from some content experts and JS communities. I’ll try to take time and share some of my experiences and observations on this page as well.

Summer is always a good time to experiment a little with new technologies. The days are longer, so you have more time to troubleshoot the weird things you find. (I attribute the success of the long ago Summer of Linux to this.) My hope is that this one will prove just as informative and practically useful for me.

I proclaim this the “Summer of JavaScript”.